Located in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, Slipe Lane Pits are regarded as one of the best fisheries in the Lea Valley area. Comprising of 4 mixed fisheries over 25 acres , Railway, Lea, Marsh and Boot Pit. The whole complex is members only and is regularly patrolled by both TAC Bailiffs and the Lea Valley Park wardens.

Full information about the fisheries can be found here at the TAC website. Please read and respect the rules in place, you are representing Letchworth Angling Association.

Turnford Angling Consortium tickets are available again this year for a nominal fee to use in conjunction with your 2021 LGCAA membership. These are only available directly through the club by selecting the TAC option at the same time as purchasing your membership on-line. Or if you purchased your book from a shop you can buy the supplement through our on-line membership page

NOTE: The TAC ticket can’t be used on its own, you must have a current season LGCAA membership as this will be required to be presented to the bailiffs when requested. We will not process orders without supplying your current book number at he time of placing the order.

TAC membership will only be valid when presented alongside a current season LGCAA book. Please ensure you have both in your possession before visiting the fishery.