Poppy Hill Update

We just wanted to give a bit of an update tonight on the current situation at Poppy Hill. As of this evening things are still looking positive we are happy to report. We have also had further feedback from the EA following water samples taken.

The dissolved oxygen problem in the Canal was almost certainly caused by an algae crash. Samples showed there was still a large amount of organisms normally present that feed on live algae which suggests the crash had only just occurred. Current DO levels levels are very good although this may still be due to the hydrogen peroxide that was introduced. We are thankful that the EA reacted and attended site as quickly as they did and as a result we have seen no evidence of fish loss.

Lake 1 and 2 DO levels have been attributed to various combinations of things, low water levels, current weather conditions, sudden leaf drop and weed die back, all normal occurrences for this time of year. Following deployment of aeration equipment on Lake 1 and 2, whilst it was no where near as low as the Canal the DO levels are better but more importantly seem to be stable.

This weekend we have spoken again with our fisheries consultant who agreed with us that it is probably still to early to think about resuming angling activities. Therefore Poppy Hill will remain closed for a little while longer. We will continue to closely monitor the situation day and night as we have been this past week and should trends continue as they are for Lake 1 & 2 we will make a decision towards the end of the week. The Canal however will almost certainly remain closed for a while longer though.