More Lockdown Easing

Following further lockdown easing LGCAA are happy to announce from this weekend we will be reverting to the regular maximum 72hour session rule as published in your membership book. The initial number of anglers seen in May and June have eased slightly so we think it is now possible to allow this to happen. Sadly though, it has been brought to our attention by our bailiffs an increase in rubbish and more concerning, human waste, being discarded in the undergrowth. This is unacceptable behaviour from anglers at any time, even more so expecting others to clear up after you during this pandemic. Anyone found doing this will be expelled from the club. As always, we will continue to monitor the situation, and should this behaviour persist we will have no option but to limit session stays again.

The other good news though is we have also managed to get a visit from the toilet maintenance company who are once again operating so we are able to reinstate these too. You will need to bring your own personal loo roll and antibacterial wipes, the club are not able to provide these items, and it is your responsibility to clean any surfaces you may contact. The combination for the ladies toilet can be obtained by contacting the fisheries manager.