Lockdown 2

Following the announcement of a second lockdown coming into force on Thursday, Saturday evening the country was advised that despite the restrictions in England, outdoor recreation with up to one other person was to continue to be allowed. Unlike golf and tennis, fishing venues were not on the list of sports facilities required to close, and government travel guidance during lockdown was updated on Sunday to allow “short journeys” for the purpose of outdoor recreation activities.At the time of writing this statement LGCAA are of the opinion that our fisheries will remain open beyond Thursday. However members are reminded that the second lockdown has been introduced for a reason and that we all need to be doing our bit by observing and following the current guidance. We are all ambassadors for our sport and we need to be showing we are willing to follow the guidance to prevent further, more severe restrictions that we saw at the beginning of the year.Hand sanitiser should be used before handling any locks or gates at the fishery.Social distancing should be observed at all times while at our fisheries. Unless you live together there should be no non fishing guests or more that 1 angler per swim at any one time. Anglers should space themselves out around the complex leaving space between swims where possible.We will endeavour to keep the toilet open, however members will be required to provide and use their own hand sanitiser gel and Anti-Bac wipes. Hands should be sanitised before entering and upon exiting the loo and wipes should be used to clean any surfaces you come into contact with. Matches, organised or otherwise will be suspended until further notice. Please speak to the match secretary for further advice.Maximum session lengths will remain for the time being at 72hours as per the club rules. Should the committee feel the need to reduce this due to angling numbers we will post notices to this and any other changes.We will continue to monitor developments this week and follow any guidance made available by the Angling Trust. Final guidance is due to be published by the Government at the eleventh hour on Wednesday and as things can develop in a drop of a hat these days, these decisions could be subject to change at any time