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Kempston Lake

It's not often that opportunities on new waters come up, and we are pleased to announce that LGCAA has been given such an opportunity. We have been able to secure the shared fishing rights for the reminder of this 2012/13 season with the possibility of adding this to our portfolio for years to come.

Kempston Lake is situated close to Elstow and was dug about 4 years ago for sand and gravel extraction to create the A421, so new in fact at the time of writing this you wont find it on Google Earth. As such it is a little open at the moment but has been well planted with trees and bushes that will grow in time to make this a wonderful venue. This invitation is open to all FULL season membership holders, seniors, juniors and OAPS, but unfortunately cannot be extended to anyone holding a winter ticket. There are no day tickets available, you just need to present your current LGCAA membership book to one of the resident bailiffs and be in possession of a current EA rod license.

Kempston Lake is Kidney shaped and about 8 acres in size. The 36 well-spaced swims are properly constructed using sleepers and are dressed with bark so shouldn't get too muddy. The lake bottom is gently sloped under your rod tip going down to about 11-12' in the deepest parts.

Behind the locked gate there are two car parks either end of the lake and accessed by a gravel road, so accessing your swim with your trolley or barrow shouldn't present too much of a problem.

The lake is very well stocked with all species; this will suit pleasure anglers and carp anglers alike. Many a specimen size fish to be had, there are Carp to 29lb, Tench to 10lb. The average Bream size is 7lb and can run to 14lb. There are also Roach and Rudd to 2lb.

If you are a LGCAA member please go and give it a try, then drop us a line to tell us your thoughts. This will help us with any future decisions.

The lake rules are very generous and hope you'll agree mainly common sense, please observe them carefully, you are representing LGCAA.


Membership to run from the 1st June to the 31st May each year is for individual members and is non-transferable.
Membership is limited and on a first come first served basis.
No refunds will be given for any reason.
Members or members family enter the fishery on your own admission and we accept no responsibility for any injury to person or property whilst on fishery grounds.
Members are allowed to bring family members as non-fishing guests onto fishery. Any children may float fish only and members must be responsible for their behaviour and safety.
No more than 5 consecutive nights can be fished without a 48hour break off the fishery.
Maximum of 3 rods to be used and no rods left unattended.
No peanuts allowed.
Adequate sized landing nets and unhooking mats must be used.
No dogs without prior consent from the owners or bailiffs. If consent is given you are responsible for them.
No bait boats or any other type of boat.
No bent hooks or long shank nailer type hooks.
No sacks or keep nets, fish to be returned as soon as possible.
No vehicles to be driven around lake, speed limit on track between car parks of 10mph maximum.
No area of the lake or fishery land is to be used as a toilet; any mess or paper must be removed from the fishery.
No litter to be left, if there is any litter in the area of your swim you are responsible for removing it.
No fires, guns or firearms of any type.
No cutting back of any bankside vegetation or trees.
No livebaits, deadbaits or artificial lures/spinners to be used.
Strictly no anglers allowed to walk around the adjacent Swallow Pool, this is a separate fishery with no access to Kempston members.

These rules apply to all Kemston members and family. Failure to abide by them will result in losing your membership.


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