Pole Only Match - Lawn Farm

Feb 17, 2013
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A season's top match weight of 74lbs 1oz fell to Alec Davis on Crabtree Lake at Lawn Farm.

Drawn on the most sheltered part of the lake, Alec plumbed up and found a small shelf at about 10 meters, the only variation to an otherwise flat lake bed. It was here that he carefully fed a tiny handful of casters and pellets not expecting the response that followed as at first a 12lb 12 oz carp and then a 10lb 9 oz one were brought to the net. To these Alec added a number of smaller carp, chub and roach all of which fell to a red maggot and pinkie cocktail on the hook.

On the opposite side of the lake Toby Bird went all out for carp fishing a pellet hook bait while feeding pellet at 13 meters; he was rewarded with a total of 38lbs 10ozs. At the next peg Clive Robinson completed the frame with 32lbs 10zs made up of carp, chub and skimmers taken on either maggot or sweet corn.

    Peg Weight Points
1st Alec Davis 6 74lb 1oz 15
2nd Toby Bird 18 38lb 10oz 14
3rd Clive Robinson 19 32lb 10oz 13
4th Ken Sharp 7 32lb 0oz 12
5th Rich Farrow 11 29lb 12oz 11
6th Dennis Holiday 13 29lb 12oz 10

Mike Clarke

12 27lb 4oz 9
8th Kevin Farrow 4 18lb 1oz 8
9th Dick Sayers 2 14lb 4oz 7
10th Ray Sparks 10 13lb 4oz 6
11th Andy Joseph 8 12lb 12oz 5
12th Ken Kendall 14 10lb 0oz 4
13th Dave Batcheldor 17 7lb 10oz 3
14th Rich Goodwin 20 5lb 8oz 2
15th Steve Mayes 16 4lb 4oz 1
16th Adrian Austin 3 3lb 2oz 0
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