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Christmas Fayre Match

Dec 20, 2015
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14 Anglers ventured out for the annual Christmas Fayre fishing match which is run as a walk off with each angler choosing their favoured peg. Rapidly clearing skies and a slow rise in temperatures made for a fruitful session.

Youngest member of the match community Rich Farrow gave a good show on how to catch a good bag of carp and clinch first place. Rich went straight to peg 22 on the canal and made up a pellet feeder and pole setup. On the Feeder he used pellet as hook bait to take most of his fish with maggot on the pole for mainly silvers. Rich weighed in with 37lb 11oz 8dr with his best fish coming into the net at 7lb 6oz

Paul Eaglen made his way up the Ivel to the scout hut peg which give up two nice sized chub and a brace of perch for his weight 12lb 8oz. Paul trotted 2 red maggots in the flow to temp the fish with a few loose maggots to keep the fish interested, which gained him second place

Maverick, Steve Mayes swapped pegs on lake 2 after the first hour from the dugout to peg 37 on the tip on the island. 11lb 4oz gave Steve third place which was made up of a mix of silvers caught In 4 hours on a waggler set up out into open water.

1st Rich Farrow Canal 37lb 11oz 8dr
2nd Paul Eaglen River Ivel 12lb 8oz
3rd Steve Mayes Lake 2 11lb 4oz
4th Mike Clarke Canal 10lb 13oz
5th Clive Robinson Canal 8lb 9oz
6th Dave Batcheldor Canal 6lb 10oz
7th Ken Kendall Canal 6lb 4oz
8th Ken Sharpe Canal 5lb 5oz
9th Ray Sparks Lake 1 4lb 4oz
10th Dick Sayers Lake 2 4lb 2oz
11th Kev Farrow Lake 2 4lb 0oz
12th Rich Goodwin Jubilee 2lb 11oz
13th Rich Hill Jubilee 1lb 15oz
14th Andy Joseph Jubilee 1lb 1oz
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