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Club Match - Poppy Hill : Canal

Dec 7, 2015
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As storm Desmond passed through the area earlier in the weekend, high winds greeted the 12 anglers that had turned up for 14th Sunday league match on the Canal on the LGCAA Poppyhill complex.

Stevenage angler Mike Clarke smashed the competition to take first place on peg 20. Mike concentrated his efforts on the far bank by using the pole at 14.5 meters and presenting pellet over micros on one line and maggot over pinkies on a second line. The majority of the catch was made up of carp which were mostly caught in the last hour of the match and gave and outstanding weight of 31lb 3oz.

Rich Goodwin from Letchworth opted to use the feeder to the far bank from peg 16. Three maggots on a size 14 hook with loosely packed micros on a method feeder helped Rich to a second place slot with a weight of 16lb 9oz. Common carp were the feature fish with some silvers to top up the weight.

Youngest angler of the day Rich Farrow from Shefford also went for the carp on peg 2. Soft pellet over to the far side was the option that Rich chose with the bait presented just off the bottom for a final weight of 13lb 7oz.

Overall Sunday league positions (Top 3) – 1st Kevin Farrow 178 points, 2nd Clive Robinson 168 points, 3rd Steve Mayes 140 points.


    Peg Weight Points
1st Mike Clarke 20 31lb 3oz 15
2bd Rich Goodwin 16 16lb 9oz 14
3rd Rich Farrow 2 13lb 7oz 13
4th Andy Joseph 18 6lb 12oz 12
5th Kev Farrow 4 4lb 9oz 11
6th Dave Batcheldor 4 3lb 3oz 10
7th Clive Robinson 12 3lb 2oz 9
8th Ken Kendall 6 3lb 0oz 8
9th Dennis Holiday 14 2lb 14oz 7
10th Steve Mayes 8 2lb 12oz 6
11th Ray Sparks 24 2lb 8oz 5
12th Dick Sayers 10 2lb 5oz 4
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