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Oct 25, 2015
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The river Ouzel at Stoke Hammond looked idyllic for the return interclub match between LGCAA and Leighton Buzzard.  Sadly the first frost of winter, bright sunny skies, low water levels and only gentle flow combined to spoil the day. Leighton Buzzard opted to hold the match on sections C/D of the river which normally produce good bags of fish this time of year, but bites were at a premium with almost half of the field failing to catch.

Steve Mayes recorded his match win number five of this season with a modest winning return of just 10ozs. He used a pole rig to present a single maggot hook bait and was rewarded with five roach and a perch.

The host club provided the second placed angler; Don King with 7ozs of small roach & gudgeon tempted by flouro pinkies.

In joint third place were LGCAA anglers Kevin Farrow and Clive Robinson with 4ozs each.  Kevin found gudgeon, tiny roach and minnows using pinkie while Clive’s roach took bread punch in the last hour when the light began to fade.

Team weights:- LGCAA 1lbs 5.5ozs. Leighton Buzzard 0-10ozs

Both teams look forward to meeting again next season and if you wish to take part next season please contact LGCAA / Leighton Buzzard angling club for more information. 

LGCAA Sunday league placing  (Top 3)
1st  Kevin Farrow 111pts,   2nd  Steve Mayes 106 pts,   3rd Clive Robinson 105 pts.


    Peg Weight Points
1st Steve Mayes (LGCAA) 39 0lb 10oz  
2nd Don King (Leighton Buzzard) 50 0lb 7oz  
3rd Kevin Farrow (LGCAA) 47 0lb 4oz  
3rd Clive Robinson (LGCAA) 36 0lb 4oz  
5th Phil Allen (Leighton Buzzard) 37 0lb 3oz  
6th Ken Kendall (LGCAA) 55 0lb 2.5oz  
7th Andy Joseph (LGCAA) 55b 0lb 1oz  
  Dick Sayers (LGCAA) 38a DNW  
  Dave Batcheldor (LGCAA) 40 DNW  
  Mick Parry (Leighton Buzzard) 44 DNW  
  Barry Stebbington (Leighton Buzzard) 52 DNW  
  Brian White (Leighton Buzzard) 54 DNW  
  John Stutley (Leighton Buzzard) 55a DNW  
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