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Club v Shefford - Poppy Hill : Canal

Oct 12, 2015
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An exciting day unfolded with LGCAA hosting an interclub match against Shefford & DAA and LGCAA also fishing using only the pole to decide who would claim the pole trophy.

As the 16 anglers gathered in the car park under gloomy skies, there was a hint or friendly rivalry amongst the usual pre match banter and stories of fish lost amongst good friends.

The previous few nights of cold weather had put the fish in a sluggish mood with the larger carp showing later in the afternoon once the skies cleared and the sun raised the temperature a few degrees.

Winner of both the interclub match and the LGCAA pole trophy went to Letchworth angler Ray Sparks. Ray fished maggot from peg 9 to bag a net of fish for 9lb 6oz with his bonus 5lb carp coming in the last part of the match.

Stevenage angler Clive Robinson claimed second place on peg 12. Clive opted for pinkie to fill his net with a mix of fish including skimmers, roach and a sizable carp for 8lb 4oz.

Third place went to Kev farrow. Kev fished his usual paste to the far side with maggot for silvers. Kev landed 2 carp in the last 30 mins of the match to give him a weight of 8lb 2oz from peg 23.

All 3 anglers claimed the top 3 spots in both the interclub match and Pole only match.

Standings for the LGCAA Sunday league is as follows (Top 3)  - 1st  Kev Farrow 130 points.  2nd  Clive Robinson 122 Points, 3rd  Steve Mayes 111 Points.

Both clubs will meet again on Sunday 15th November for the annual IPA teams of 6 match.


    Peg Weight Points
1st Ray Sparks (LGCAA) 9 9lb 6oz 15
2nd Clive Robinson (LGCAA) 12 8lb 4oz 14
3rd Kev Farrow (LGCAA) 23 8lb 2oz 13
4th Cyril Davis 17 6lb 12oz  
5th Rich Goodwin (LGCAA) 16 4lb 7oz 12
6th Dick Sayers (LGCAA) 6 3lb 11oz 11
7th Ken Sharpe (LGCAA) 4 3lb 8oz 10
8th John Wigg 15 2lb 11oz  
9th Alec Davis 2 2lb 4oz  
10th Ken Kendall (LGCAA) 26 2lb 1oz 9
11th Malcolm Gibbs 25 1lb 3oz  
12th Nigel Gilbert 7 1lb 2oz  
13th Steve Mayes (LGCAA) 22 1lb 1oz 8
14th Neil Byrave 16 0lb 11oz  
14th Dave Batcheldor (LGCAA) 11 0lb 11oz 7
16th Rich Hill (LGCAA) 14 DNW  
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