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Club Match - Poppy Hill : Lake 2

Aug 2, 2015
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Twelve anglers turned for the Sunday league match at Poppyhill which was held on the Canal lake. As the temperature rose with a very light breeze the anticipation increased to see who would pull the much favoured peg 26, but the match ended with pegs 24, 12 and 8 being the best.

Stevenage angler Clive Robinson took first place after having a slow start. Clive pulled peg 24 and after spending time to seek out his quarry settled to fish the far shelf up to the bank to land carp and silvers for a weight of 17lb 12oz, with maggot as his favoured hook bait over small quantities of groundbait.

Only 10 ounces behind Clive was Kev Farrow from Shefford on peg 12. Kev also went on the hunt for the fish and found most of his close in front of him, all of which were tempted by paste. Total weight for Kevin was 17lb 2oz.

Local angler Dave Batcheldor grabbed third place from peg 8. Dave used a long pole to the far side for a net of carp and silvers for a final weight of 10lb 15oz. Dave kept his tactics simple with just meat on the hook

Overall Sunday league positions (Top 3) – 1st Kevin Farrow 103 points,   2nd Clive Robinson 95 points,   3rd Steve Mayes 88 points. 


    Peg Weight Points
1st Clive Robinson 24 17lb 12oz 15
2nd Kev Farrow 12 17lb 2oz 14
3rd Dave Batcheldor 8 10lb 15oz 13
4th Ken Kendall 18 10lb 1oz 12
5th Dave Fitzgerald 4 7lb 8oz 11
6th Tony Pearce 10 6lb 13oz 10
7th Rich Hill 20 3lb 13oz 9
8th Rich Goodwin 22 3lb 12oz 8
8th Ray Sparks 2 3lb 12oz 8
10th Dick Sayers 14 3lb 10oz 6
11th Steve Mayes 16 3lb 5oz 5
12th Ken Sharp 26 DNW  
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