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Sep 27, 2015
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The first interclub match of the season for Letchworth Garden City Angling Association was held on the river Ouse at Felmersham, with the guest coming from Leighton Buzzard.
Little rain had fallen over the last few weeks which allowed the river to flow, slow and clear. Vegetation growth in the river was still high which put a few pegs out of action but a nice sunny day made for a pleasant day out.

Quite a few anglers had their plans taken apart as changes in tactics and bait were made often to find the quarry. Roach and large Perch were the target for many but most had to be content with small silvers in the net. The big surprise for some was the absence of Bleak in some pegs.

Peg 19 held the fish for Steve Mayes, which helped him to first place. Using various tactics during the match, Steve had two Perch for approx 2lb 4oz each as part of his haul for a total weight of 8lb 11oz.

Shefford angler Kev Farrow worked out where the fish were on bridge peg 1. His haul of silvers came in at 7lb 4oz to take second place. Kev used various tactics to find the fish.

Third place went to Clive Robinson from Stevenage who also had to change tactics frequently during the match. Clive landed 4lb 10oz of mixed silvers from peg 3.

Leighton Buzzard will hold a return match against LGCAA on 25th Oct 2015, which will be held on the river Ouzel

Overall Sunday league positions (Top 3) – 1st Kevin Farrow 117 points, 2nd Clive Robinson 108 points, 3rd Steve Mayes 103 points.


    Peg Weight Points
1st Steve Mayes (LGCAA) 19 8lb 11oz 15
2nd Kev Farrow (LGCAA) 1 7lb 4oz 14
3rd Clive Robinson (LGCAA) 3 4lb 10oz 13
4th Dave Batcheldor (LGCAA) 12 4lb 9oz 12
5th Don King 2 3lb 15oz  
6th Ken Kendall (LGCAA) 8 3lb 14oz 11
7th John STutley 11 3lb 9oz  
8th Phil Allen 9 3lb 8oz  
9th Dave Gisborne 10 2lb 2oz  
10th Ray Sparks (LGCAA) 7 1lb 12oz 10
11th Dick Sayers (LGCAA) 13 1lb 10oz 9
12th Mick Parry 16 0lb 15oz  
13th Rich Goodwin (LGCAA) 5 0lb 10oz 8
14th Barry Sherrington 17 0lb 5oz  
15th Dave Fitzgerald (LGCAA) 18 0lb 3oz 7
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