Club Match : Grand Union Canal

Jan 5, 2014
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A cold start to Sundays match on the Grand Union Canal saw 9 anglers settle down to a hard days fishing. A cross wind made it difficult to reach the favoured far bank boats, but as it turned out the fish showed for most of us. The majority coming from the track, most fish were falling for maggot and pinkie.

1st - 8 Kevin Farrow 9lb 10oz

2nd - 7 Ray Sparks 7lb 12oz
3rd - 1 Dick Sayers 6lb 6oz
4th - 2 Clive Robinson 3lb 8oz
5th - 4 Mark Tricker 3lb 3oz
6th - 10 Steve Mayes 2lb 15oz
7th - 3 Rich Goodwin 2lb 7oz
8th - 6 Dave Batcheldor 2lb 3oz
9th - 5 Andy Joseph 0lb 11oz

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