Club Match - Poppy Hill : Lake 2

Oct 20, 2013
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The signs of winter were apparent at this Sundays match on Lake 2 with fish showing up only in about half the pegs. it looked like the silvers are starting to shoal up tighter, so for some it wasn't a bad day dispite the rain. With Mark Tricker off the island fishing close in on maggot netting a nice bag of Roach and skimmers for 11lb 6oz. Second Dave Batcheldor who was behind him on the island with 6lb 4oz, a few nice skimmers in with his mixed bag. Third was Dick Sayers with 5lb 15oz of small silvers.

1st - 46 Mark Tricker 11lb 6oz
2nd - 44 Dave batcheldor 6lb 4oz
3rd - 8 Dick Sayers 5lb 15oz
4th - 7 Kev Farrow 3lb 11oz
5th - 21 Steve Mayes 2lb 7oz
6th - 24 Ken Kendell 2lb 5oz
7th - 30 Rich Goodwim 1lb 0oz
8th - 23 Andy Joseph 0lb 10oz
-- - 1 Ken Sharp DNW
-- - 5 Dennis Smith DNW
-- - 9 Rich Hill DNW
-- - 31 Carl Robins DNW
-- - 37 Ray Sparks DNW
-- - 41 Steve Robins DNW

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