Club v Blunham : Felmersham

Oct 6, 2013
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Blunham were Letchworth's guests this week on our Felmershem stretch of the River Ouse. Bright and clear conditions didn't help much with average weights being around the 2lb mark. Mostly Bleak and small Roach, but there were a few nice weights starting with the winner on the end peg 20 Gary Lawrence with a mix bag of Roach, Perch and Chub. Second on 12 was Paul Atkins with some clonking Perch, one weighing in at 3lb 10oz totalling 7lb 15oz. Third with an impressive haul of Bleak and small Roach was Ken Kendal with 6lb 10oz

1st - 20 Gary Lawrence 9lb 9oz
2nd - 12 Paul Atkins 7lb 15oz
3rd - 11 Ken Kendal 6lb 10oz
4th - 1 Mick White 4lb 15oz
5th - 8 Clive Robinson 3lb 15oz
6th - 2 Rich Goodwin 2lb 12oz
7th - 9 Gary Edwards
8th - 5 Barry Scowman 2lb 9oz
9th - 14 Steve Mayes 2lb 7oz
10th - 15 Mick Waby 2lb 5oz
11th - 7 Ray Bundy 2lb 3oz
12th - 10 Ken Sharp 2lb 0oz
13th - 4 Ray Sparks 1lb 15oz
14th - 3 Dave Edwards 1lb 12oz
15th - 17 Bob Mcellan 1lb 7oz
16th - 6 Kev Farrow 1lb 4oz
17th - 16 Terry Lincoln 0lb 6oz
18th - 13 Dick Sayers 0lb 3oz

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