Club Match : How End Fisheries

Sep 1, 2013
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How End Fisheries hosted this Sundays match with eleven of us desending on Yasi's Lake, holding a good stock of Carp, Ide and Barbel. Many of which were caught by the winner Mike Clarke, falling to worm and caster.
Second place went to Ken Kendall, just 2oz short, how frustrating is that! Ken fished worm to catch a mostly Ide bag.
Third place went to Clive Robinson with mostly Barbel on caster.

1st - 11 Mike Clarke 63lb 14oz
2nd - 4 Ken Kendell 63lb 11oz
3rd - 13 Clive Robinson 59lb 9oz
4th - 7 Dennis Holiday 56lb 6oz
5th - 10 Kevin Farrow 35lb 11oz
6th - 14 Rich Goodwin 22lb 7oz
7th - 8 Dave Batcheldor 20lb 15oz
8th - 2 Ken Sharp 20lb 12oz
9th - 1 Steve Mayes 18lb 10oz
10th - 5 Ray Sparks 16lb 12oz
11th - 16 Andy Joseph 14lb 4oz

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