Club v Abbey Cross : Poppy Hill - Canal

Aug 18, 2013
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Results of the interclub match against Abbey Cross held on the Canal at Poppy Hill.

Letchworth were team victors with a combined weight of 76lb 6oz to Abbey Cross's 44lb 6oz.

1st - Kevin Farrow 19lb 11oz (LGCAA)
2nd - Steve Bagshaw 15lb 4oz (ACAS)
3rd - Ken Sharp 14lb 8oz (LGCAA)
4th - Andy Joseph 10lb 7oz (LGCAA)
5th - John Carter 8lb 2oz (ACAS)
6th - Clive Robinson 6lb 13oz (LGCAA)
7th - Peter Green 5lb 13oz (ACAS)
8th - Doug Clark 5lb 12oz (ACAS)
9th - Rich Goodwin 5lb 10oz (LGCAA)
10th - Dennis Holiday 4lb 9oz (LGCAA)
10th - Mark Tricker 4lb 9oz (LGCAA)
12th - Martin Adams 3lb 13oz (ACAS)
12th - Steve Robins 3lb 13oz (LGCAA)
14th - Peter Jordan 2lb 13.5oz (ACAS)
15th - Bob Fox 2lb 5oz (ACAS)
16th - Ray Sparks 1lb 11oz (LGCAA)
17th - Steve Rogers 1lb 9oz (ACAS)
18th - Dave Batcheldor 0lb 11oz (LGCAA)
19th - Paul Helbig 0lb 10.5oz (ACAS)
20th - Willy Ramthor 0lb 10oz (ACAS)
20th - Geoff Smith 0lb 10oz (ACAS)
---- - Alan Sims DNW (ACAS)
---- - Steve Mayes DNW (LGCAA)

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