Club Match : Kempston Lake

Jul 21, 2013
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Sundays match at our new water Kemston Lake saw 9 anglers giving the new venue another try. After the last match unfortunaly everyone drew a blank due to cold conditions, this time the weather was fine and the lake looked good with a few fish topping. Steve Mayes was the first to score with a loverly 7lb 2oz Tench followed by two more around the 5lb mark bringing his total up to 18lb 4oz with the help of a few small Roach, all caught on a waggler and maggot. Second was Steve Barrett, he also fished a waggler armed with a maggot and managed to land a good looking common along with a few silvers making his total weight 8lb 2oz. With 5lb 2oz third place Dave Batcheldor had a nice bag of Perch, Roach and Rudd on the pole fishing pinkie.

1st - 6 Steve Mayes 18lb 4oz
2nd - 8 Steve Barrett 8lb 2oz
3rd - 9 Dave Batchdlor 5lb 2oz
4th - 2 Ken Kendall 0lb 14oz
5th - 7 Kev Farrow 0lb 13oz
6th - 1 Ken Sharp 0lb 1oz
--- - 3 Chris Barrett DNW
--- - 4 Adrian Austin DNW
--- - 5 Rich Goodwin DNW

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