Club Match : Poppy Hill - Canal

Jul 14, 2013
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Everyone expected a scorching day at this Sundays match, but with the the low cloud in the morning made most of the match quite pleasant. Everyone caught, with most species turning up but predominantly carp. No monsters, but some 2-3lbers here and there.
First up Mark Tricker stormed into first place with a terrific weight of 27lb 9oz of Carp, all on worm. Feeding in his special white pellets. Second, ever improving Steve Barret with 12ib 5oz, well done Steve!
In third place Kev Farrow with 11ib 13oz with a mixed bag of Carp, Skimmers and Perch. Carp on paste, silvers on maggot.

1st - 3 Mark Tricker 27lb 9oz
2nd - 24 Steve Barret 12lb 5oz
3rd - 18 Kev Farrow 11lb 13oz
4th - 6 Ken Sharp 11lb 0oz
5th - 26 Dave Batchdlor 10lb 12oz
6th - 16 Alec Davis 9lb 14oz
7th - 4 Chris Barret 7lb 7oz
8th - 22 Andy Joseph 7lb 3oz
9th - 15 Steve Mayes 6lb 12oz
10th - 20 Rich Goodwin 6lb 5oz
11th - 10 Clive Robinson 4lb 11oz
12th - 2 Mike Clarke 4lb 1oz
13th - 12 Rich Hill 2lb 5oz

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