Evening Match - Round 2

Jun 25, 2013
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Lake 1 hosted the second evenings league match with not much showing despite the warm windless conditions.
First with 5lb 10oz was Trevor Dear of course, bashing the silvers to hand on maggot. Second was Ken kendell on the waggler putting together 5lb.1oz of tiny blades, busy boy! Third was Kevin Farrow with 4lb 14oz of small Rudd and Roach.

1st - 29 Trevor Dear 5lb 10oz
2nd - 27 Ken Kendell 5lb 1oz
3rd - 16 Kevin Farrow 4lb 14oz
4th - 28 Clive Robinson 4lb 8oz
5th - 4 Steve Mayes 2lb 1oz
6th - 9 Rich Goodwin 1lb 14oz
7th - 15 Andy Joseph 1lb 9oz
8th - 2 Dennis Holiday 1lb 8oz
9th - 1 Richard Hill 0lb 5oz
10th - 17 mark tricker 0lb 2oz
11th - 15 Adrian Austin DNW
12th - 30 Frank Pope DNW

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