Club Venue Changes for 2013/14

May 20, 2013
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The 2013/14 season will see some changes made to our current lineup of waters offered in our club book. These changes affect Ely Beet, Blue lagoon and Green Lagoon. We are also pleased to anounce that Kempston Lake will remain for the whole season.

Ely Beet

Ely Beet was a small section of the River Ouse located to the north east of Ely, Cambs. The section was difficult to get to and offered virtually no parking.Quite often during the summer months it became almost impossible to fish. After some consideration the Committee has decided not to renew the rental agreement and withdraw it from the forthcoming seasons club book.


Blue Lagoon - Arlesey

With regrets it will be withdrawn from the 2013/14 season onward. There were numerous reasons prompting our decision to let this piece of water go, location, access and members safety to name just a few.. However the committee felt that it was being under-used by our membership and unfortunately time to let go.


Green Lagoon - Arlesey

In past years we have opened it up for day tickets to be purchased, and any members wanting to fish it also had to purchase an additional supplement on top of their membership. Starting June 1st 2013 the Green Lagoon will become a members only water, we have decide to do away with day tickets and subsidies and open this up to the whole membership. Anyone wishing to fish this venue will have to produce a current 2013/14 membership book to the bailiffs. There will no more day tickets available any none members will be asked to leave.


Kempston Lake

We joined the partnership with Kempston Lake towards the back end of last year. Following some fantastic feedback from members who have been there and fished it we have decided to include it again for the entire 2013/14 season. For those who have not visited it yet, give it a try, you might just have your best days fishing ever.

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