Final Match Points Results

May 2, 2013
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To finally wrap up the season the final results from this seasons Sunday league are out. This year it was a close run thing between the top six anglers, in fact the top 3, Mike Clarke, Ken Kendall and Clive Robinson all drew with the same amount of points and a count back on weights had to be done to determine the overall winner.

Top 10 Results

  Angler Seasons Points Best 8 Points Best 8 Weight
1st Mike Clarke 181 107 133lb 13oz
2nd Ken Kendall 170 107 67lb 14.5oz
3rd Clive Robinson 107 107 65lb 2.5oz
4th Ray Sparks 136 104  
5th Kevin Farrow 181 102  
6th Steve Mayes 128 102  
7th Dick Sayers 117 84  
8th Rich Farrow 74 74  
9th Steve Barret 69 68  
10th Rich Goodwin 69 67  


For those who are not aware the winner for the season is decided from points are taken from each anglers best 8 results throughout the season. So the angler with the most points overall may not necessarily be the winner if he has a lower average score. Should a tie occur then the combined weights from the best 8 results will decide the winner.

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