Club Statement - Poppy Hill Lake 3

Apr 15, 2013
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The Directors, Officers and Committee of Letchworth angling association would like to take this opportunity to keep its members and potential members informed about the fish deaths in Lake 3 at poppy hill, Henlow.
Since the 27th March 2013 we have seen a significant amount of fish deaths, to date 76 bream from 5 lbs to 13 lbs, 11 Carp form 15 lbs to 30lbs+, 24 Pike from 1lb to 6.5lbs, 5 Tench from 1.5lbs to 6lbs and a large amount of small fish from 2"to 5".
We are in regular contact with the Environment Agency, the Landowner and our fisheries consultant, we are at present waiting for the results of several water samples and fish autopsy’s, preliminary results have pointed to a water quality problem, NOT disease or Parasite problem, When we receive the final results we will via the Clubs chosen media publish the results, Please note that NONE of the other lakes are affected, Should you require any additional information please contact the Fisheries Manager (details are in the club book)
Thank you for your cooperation
Len Leroux
Director LGCAA
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